Consciousness Dimensions

Extruded through the looking glass …

Ever wonder why some aliens find our planet of interest?  There has been much-unenlightened speculation about this. Why do so many people see strange things in the skies? I am not referring to the terrestrial misidentifications. Not machines of advanced human technologies, or sightings of balloons. Even if 99.991% of all sightings and experiences are misidentifications, I am referring to the 0.009% of real unearthly experiences. It only takes one for this phenomenon to be true. I suspect the real number is much larger than nine one-thousandths of a percent.

There are life forms in the Universe that are much more ancient than us new kids on the block. There exists incredibly advanced, incredibly different, incredibly attained alien life.

There are at least 2 types of alien life. Crudely put as “Energy based” and “Physical based”. The differentiation will be left for your understanding of those two concepts. Energy being not occupying X-Y-Z coordinates and the other does. These being drastically different creatures.  The ones that arrive in constructions of some kind are labeled as physical. They exist and extend themselves as far as their technology allows. The others are more advanced in almost every way. They have been able through deep time and deep evolution they attained a highly pervasive, highly intelligent, highly compassionate consciousness. Compassionate being just a word but in this context refers to complete hands-off and inherent respect for all life.  The illusion of spatial distance is not a concern or limitation of any kind.  They are either very far away (in every sense of the word) from us or a higher realm of organization is afoot. Distance only matters to us and the Physical based ones.

The energy based ones are far more rewarding to contemplate.  We can think of the “Energy based” ones in the form of what we understand consciousness to be.  Through what we would label as “Thought”.  Our usage of the word is wrong because it colloquially refers to electrical/biological activity encased between the skull bones. Thought originates from electricity/biology but terminates in phenomenology.  Our fabric of reality is very pliable to the correct minds.

These advanced high strange aliens are not our enemies but our friends. Our friends in regards as they do not want something from us. They only want to get to know us.  Knowing in being to communicate and understand us. We and all life on Earth and anywhere offer a new dimension of thought and awareness. In our consciousness and through us they can explore our Universe, our perceptions of the Real.  To see the Universe as we do through our special brand of limitations.  Through our special brand of insight, foresight, and temporal awareness. To experience the world as we do. This is our consciousness dimension. All living things have their own individual consciousness dimension. Each is special and unique.

Being ancient from our perspective possibly infers they have seen everything in the Universe time again. What else is there to learn when all that can be learned from their monotone Universal view has been explored and conquered.  Once all that can be learned is learned, then what. The big “Then What” when you consider an intellect that has pondered that exact same question for a billion and a half years. or so. I project a possible immensely long boredom states. Or at least a state of very low activity.  Would an alien intelligence that could get to this “all knowing” state have further ambitions or needs for stimulation? Probably, I predict the drive for new knowledge is unquenchable for any attained species. Through the attaining of others can this cosmic intelligence thrive. These minds create entirely new Universes for them to explore and learn.

They have no desire for us besides for us to survive and continue to survive. All minds matter.  All life matters. Each life form with sufficient neurology is an Allie in our quest for attainment. These identified minds are the gateway for them to exist and comprehend our unique form of consciousness. Through each of us, they can comprehend what we comprehend. To experience our 4-dimensional (3 spatial, 1 time) Universe.  We are not them. They are not us.  The minds that attain to be conversant (2 way) are intermediaries.

This intelligence is not Gods of any kind. They are sufficiently advanced beings that have become more than they once were. Like us, they survived their evolutionary struggle to reach the pinnacle of what they could be. A few extra billion years (or even a significantly smaller slice of time)  from our perspective could and has done it for them. Assuredly time does not mean the same thing to them as it does to our primitive monkey brains. From our perspective, an understandable mistake is frequently made. Many people believe their exposure to them is a reflection of some Abrahamic vision of God.  That vision is wrong. That vision is small, incorrect, and full of human animalistic evil.

These advanced high strange aliens do not refer to us as weak, lambs, or sheep. We and all life are NOT slaughter animals to the real advanced intelligence in the Universe.

They reach out and value all of us for several reasons. They value life and consciousness. We are both those things. Every living creature is a separate consciousness dimension. An avenue to explore their unique vision of the world.

The only thing of true value in the Universe is consciousness.

Consciousness is what makes reality not the other way around. Any sufficiently advanced hyper dimensional creature will appear in our 4-dimensional world as background noise, unidentifiable, and indistinguishable from nature. They would influence you in the form of your constructed reality. Which your mind and all your collective past experiences have experienced, filtered through intellect and level of intelligence. All that in totality makes you. Your perceptions would be influenced (or modified) in the most ephemeral and conscious way. Your experience of these entities would be different for everyone as everyone has had a different experiential past and different neurology. The proof would be in the experience as no evidence as us primitive monkeys would expect would be possible.

Perception and awareness are what it is all about.

 The Universe has NO obligation to make sense to YOU.

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