Bye, Bye, SecureTeam… Go F*#k Yourself.

Score one for sense and sensibility. Google and its powerhouse video platform Youtube has firmly put websites and Youtube video channels in their sights that publish fake news. Webmasters and Youtube channel administrators are trembling in their parent’s basements as Gooogle takes aim at the current trend of bullshit news online.

I may have penned a few words in the past about my disdain for all the hoaxes, frauds, and just insane click bait nonsense that permeates the online UFO culture. If someone has never been exposed to UFOlogy before, and they first encounter it on TV or the Internet they do not stand a chance. Those poor bastards if they don’t have an analytic and/or scientific mind are bound 100% of the time to believe provable lies. I have the most respect for the field as I happen to know from first-hand experience that something truly strange darts around our skies. I have no idea, no valid guess as to what I and my family witnessed that twilight zone afternoon. I as do many, many people know from first-hand experiences that the phenomena we colloquially call UFO’s is a real and tangible one. Most importantly I realized is that it is an important one as well. A very important one indeed. Albeit one where it is difficult to quantify its value. With this obscure and occulted subject ever vigilance is required. Since real and true facts are so few and far between we must conduct and treat the subject with respect. Is that what we find in UFOlogy? Certainly not.

What we find is a culture that is mired in school-like moronic cliques, bouts of bitter infighting, volumes of unknowable knowns, and more blatant hoaxes and frauds than you can shake your Broca’s area at. A field so deserved of respect gets none at all. To most people, UFOlogy is a subject of laughter and derision. Most people do not take the field serious in any measurable way. There is a good reason for that. UFOlogy in its present incarnation is full of shit. Not only is it full of it, it is a perpetual motion machine of nonsense.

At any given second in social media, a deluge of fake barely passable CGI hoax UFO videos are created and posted online. 99.9% of all UFO news and videos are fabricated hoaxes. Almost none of it stands up to even the most tertiary sniff test. But that does not stop the legions of profit motivated fraudsters to continually take a huge steamer all over the subject. They take their loyal legions of fans for suckers and fools with every video they create. They all claim to be the voice of the underdog, the rebel with incredible news which is being subjugated by The Man. While, in reality, they live in their parent’s basement drinking endless cans of diet colas while manipulating Adobe After Effects video projects. These people do not care for their subscribers in any way at all. All lies, verbal and CGI.

Arguably the biggest douchebag in this hoaxer arena is a troglodyte named Tyler Glockner. He is the frontman for the hugely popular Youtube channel SecureTeam. They have published over 500 UFO videos. I guess none of his legions of fans care that all the videos he publishes are fake.  Even if by pure chance someone has submitted a real UFO image it is lost in the vast cesspool of all their nonsense. Even if 10 videos were real, all meaning and significance are lost since it is served up to us all with the same spoon of bullshit.


It is all about the money he makes from being a Youtube publishing partner. He and his ilk don’t care about what is real and true, they only care about what their legion of true believers will click on.

To get an idea of what scale of motivation we are talking about is this…  Check out his Youtube channel  SocialBlade account statistics HERE .

He makes in the ballpark of $300,000.00 to $500,000.00 a year by just publishing UFO hoax videos. Youtube just derailed his gravy train forever. If he is all about the truth let’s see how long he keeps up his Youtube channel now that it makes zero revenue.

A firm message was sent… Frauds will not be tolerated anymore. I love this. I have waited a very long time for this groundswell in support of truth and rationality.

I see around the web that people are whining that this is censorship. That this is the forces of evil trying to subjugate the truth by stepping on and silencing the little guy.

It has NOTHING to do with that at all. Google’s new initiative is driven by a desire to clean it’s search results of fake news and hoax sites. To make it a more valuable source of information. It is a reality that many, many websites and channels are blatant, patently, and expertly spreading fraudulent clickbait nonsense. This is not just an inconvenience but has real effects in the real world. Just look at the last federal election in the United States. This election and all the insanity that took place may be the impetus that made Google get off its hands on this one. Enough was enough a long time ago.

Mr. Glockner is not going silent into the night. He has launched a Patreon account to make up for his loss of income by Youtube deeming him a constant source of fake news. So after years of cashing in on people’s gullibility to be enthralled by flashy videos. Now he want’s you to compensate him directly to lie to you. It would be funny if it was not so pathetic.

Mr. Tyler Glockner, go f*#k yourself. Take the hint. The world is more aware than ever that you are a joke. Your videos are purposeful hoaxes. You are a prime example of everything that is wrong in UFOlogy today. Now grow up, get out of the basement, see the sunlight. The world outside of your parent’s basement is a scary place I know but it is time to get with the program.

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