Bob Lazars Fatal Scientific Flaw. Why His Science Does NOT Work.

I have mixed feelings as I write this article. I liked Bob Lazar when I was younger. When I heard of Bob Lazar for the first time in early 1990 I was initially fascinated by his story. I was fresh out of high school and had a wide-eyed fascination for the story of Area 51 and the alien enigma. Bob Lazar appeared like the average science nerd. You could just picture him in a lab coat with a pocket protector full of Bic’s. I knew many of those pocket protector types through the years and all were good people. Couldn’t talk to the ladies or match their socks but decent folk nonetheless.

It pains me but I have to be truthful in what I know about physics and the Bob Lazar story. His science does not work! His whole explanation of how the alien crafts propulsion functions make NO scientific sense at all. Especially since in the last few years we have been able to synthesize element 115 and have been able to detect gravitational waves thanks to the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO)


On November 11 and 13, 1989, viewers of KLAS-TV in Las Vegas, Nevada, heard an incredible story from news reporter George Knapp: A scientist had come forth to reveal that the U.S. government possesses the remains of extraterrestrial vehicles. From these vehicles have come extraordinary technological breakthroughs.

The scientist, Robert Scott Lazar, said he had worked in the S-4 section of Area 51, a corner of the Nevada Test Site. There, he had read documents indicating the existence of ongoing research on an “anti-gravity reactor” for use in propulsion systems. He was astonished, he said, but he was even more shocked to be shown nine flying discs “of extraterrestrial origin” stored in a hangar. As part of the gravity-harnessing propulsion, the craft used an element, 115, unknown on Earth, because it is “impossible to synthesize an element that heavy here on Earth. The substance has to come from a place where super-heavy elements could have been produced naturally.” From the recovered craft the U.S. government had allegedly collected some 500 pounds of element 115.

He supposedly came forward with his story despite death threats because he thought the public has a right to know.

Here is the video where he lays out his knowledge on how alien spacecraft propulsion allegedly works. If you have not seen it before watch it now:


Ununpentium (element 115 | symbol: Uup) is the temporary name of a super-heavy element that was first synthesized in 2003 by a joint team of Russian and American scientists at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR) in Dubna, Russia. With the atomic number 115 in the periodic table, the synthetic element is also known as element 115, or eka-bismuth. In December 2015, it was recognized as one of four new elements by the Joint Working Party of international scientific bodies IUPAC and IUPAP. In June 2016, the IUPAC suggested the element be named moscovium /mɒsˈkviəm/ (element symbol: Mc), a name to be formally accepted by the end of 2016.

It has a very short half-life so there is no way to accumulate pounds of it.  It has a verifiable half-life of only 220 milliseconds. They now known half-life of the element destroys any childish idea of the “Island of Stability” hypothesis. That was one of Bob’s conjectures during his video.

Element 115 is an extremely unlikely candidate for interstellar fuel, having a half-life of milliseconds; furthermore, it is even less likely that proton bombardment would transmute it into element 116, as the cross-section of that reaction would be ridiculously small.

I can even give you a physical analogy. When a pebble hits a car it bounces off; when a car hits another car they can frequently merge into a combined wreck. That is why the synthesis of superheavy elements usually involve smashing one heavy atom into another – element 115 was produced by firing calcium at americium – rather than starting with an already heavy and unstable atom and “working your way up”.

Furthermore, element 115 or any other active element doesn’t decay by emitting antiprotons. Superheavy nuclei dribble out nucleons like a spitting baby, and that takes the form of alpha particles. Not only is that what we would theoretically predict, that is what we actually observe.

Even if there were an element that decayed by emitting antiprotons, those antiprotons couldn’t possibly produce gravitational waves. The gravitational waves detected by LIGO emitted more power than the entire universe, for a brief moment. On Earth, they rung the LIGO instrument with vibrations smaller than a fraction of the width of a proton. Now imagine how big a gravitational wave you could get from a proton annihilating an antiproton.

Wait, you can’t imagine anything? Exactly.

In General Relativity, gravity is described as a distortion of space-time, not as a particle or a wave. There are phenomena known as “gravitational waves” which exist in General Relativity, but this does not seem to be what Lazar is talking about. Lazar says that gravity IS a wave. It isn’t a wave. The “gravitons” which he speaks of are a feature of quantum gravitational theories.

All physicists realize that the theories of Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity are incomplete because they are mutually incompatible. In order to have a complete theory, theoretical physicists are looking to combine the two into a unified theory which will involve a quantum theory of gravity. There are currently no quantum theories of gravity that work.  But even though a satisfactory theory does not yet exist, there is nothing at all nonsensical about gravitons. When an adequate quantum theory of gravity IS formulated, the energy of the gravitational field will be quantized. This quantum of the gravitational field is what physicists call the graviton. It is no more nonsensical than the photon – which is the quantum of the electromagnetic field.

If the alien spacecraft somehow had a functioning gravitational wave emitter which could power flight, it would affect the gravitational behaviour of the Solar System. Yes, even if the alien spacecraft can somehow shield itself from gravity and such, but the planets can’t. The gravitational wave detected by LIGO issued across billions of light-years with barely any absorption. Do you want to run an alien spacecraft with gravitational wave power high enough to counteract the gravity of an entire planet? Those same gravitational waves would propagate throughout the Solar System, rendering any precision space travel trajectories unusable each time the spacecraft was fired up.

Soooooooooo, nope.

Bob invented two different types of gravity to suit his hypothesis. He stated in his video that there are two types of gravity. He coined them gravity (A) and gravity (B). He stated that the gravity (A) wave in element 115 extended past the nucleus into the intra-atomic structure. Thus it could be amplified (like any other signal? Completely meaningless statement) to produce a gravity field in which you could control and manipulate. The whole concept of amplifying a gravity wave breaks ALL laws of thermodynamics and common sense. It is just as ridiculous as the idea of amplifying matter would be.

Gravity (A) is what is currently being labelled as the “strong nuclear force” in mainstream physics. This is the place where Lazar begins to get himself in real trouble.

As it is understood now, the strong nuclear force has NOTHING TO DO WITH GRAVITY. Such a statement shows either a complete lack of understanding of the physics of the Standard Model of particle interactions, or a BLATANT attempt at deception. The equations and coupling strengths which describe the two forces are totally different and unrelated. The strong force couples only to quarks and gluons. The gravitational force couples to all particles with mass. The strong force is an extremely short range. The range of gravity is infinite. The gravitational coupling constant is orders of magnitude smaller than that of the strong interaction. There is NO BASIS for using the word “gravity” to describe the strong interaction IN ANYWAY AT ALL.

Nonsensical in the extreme.


It is clear to me that Bob Lazar is a fraud. The question is was he a knowing fraud or not. The video presentation of the science by Lazar is troubling from a scientific standpoint. Mr Lazar on many occasions demonstrates an obvious lack of understanding of current physical theories. I feel that there is a good reason why his credentials cannot be identified and corroborated. Because they are made up and do not exist. I know a paycheck stub has been presented as proof of his employment. That in itself may prove something but it does not prove the legitimacy of his claim in totality. I have never heard Lazar talk like a scientist would. He never uses scientific lingo…Ever! As far as I could find online he has never had a debate or a panel with real physicists. To me, the reason is glaringly obvious.

I am going to be kind and go with the hypothesis that he was an unwitting dupe. Some young schmuck that was brought into the bowls of disinformation who subsequently ate it all up. If he was a dupe he played the role very well. One thing I can say about Lazar is that over the past 25 years he did not act like other fraudsters in UFOlogy. He never made the rounds of all the conferences. Or published book after book of scientific gibberish. He just kind of disappeared for a few decades. Sure he got busted in a brothel scandal but that is a completely different issue.

He has been acting in my opinion like someone that after a time realized that he was duped. His 20-year disappearance could support that. Or, he is a gigantic UFO fraudster who’s lie got totally out of hand. Hard to say. I’m going with an unknowing dupe. Either way, there is absolutely no reason to believe any of his story at all.

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