Assuming E.T. Can Control Gravity What Other Capabilities Can We Expect Them To Have?

The actual way that the universe works is the same everywhere, however, every intelligent life form will have a different understanding of it. Not only have our laws of physics changed over time, even today, different people have different interpretations of how things work. The more advanced a civilization becomes the closer their model of reality will match the actual universe.

While eventually any two independently developed set of laws of physics should converge, Their current similarity will depend both on how different they were to start with and how much progress has been made.

We don’t understand how gravity works. We understand the effects. It is an attractive force in three dimensions. The ‘fabric’ analogy is a tool to help us visualize what is happening. Space-Time is not real. It is a tool to help us figure out reality. We say gravity bends space-time because we can understand that. In reality, nothing is bent, there is no ‘fabric’, and so far as we have discovered, there is no actual entity that we call ‘time.’ Time is another tool we use to help us figure out our reality and what is happening in our reality. Neither the time particle/wave nor the gravity particle/wave has been confirmed. It has been recently glimpsed but that is not confirmation. Only the effects have been seen or discovered. Like a shadow, when we see it, we know that there is something blocking the light, but in the cases of time and gravity, when we look, we can not find the actual entity that is causing the effect.

Gravity control and inertia suggest that they might possess some form of reactionless drive. A reactionless drive is a device to generate motion without a propellant, presumably in contradiction to the law of conservation of momentum. The name comes from Newton’s third law, which is usually expressed as, “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” A large number of infeasible devices, such as the “Dean drive”, is a staple of science fiction, particularly for space propulsion. To date, no reactionless drive has ever been validated under properly controlled conditions. Since we do not have a theory of quantum gravity it might be possible to construct such drive by an advanced intergalactic intelligence.

Since such feats would require a lot of understanding of basic physical laws we can assume that any race with such capability have a quantum theory of gravity and can exploit it to practical gains.

Having control over gravity permits interesting industrial processes to become possible. Assuming that one has not limitation over it. You can imagine that the aliens could create what is essentially a “matter furnace” using gravity to create something like accretion disk allowing conversion matter to energy – far safer than antimatter power.

To be a master of gravity means you are a master of time as well. Times fiery arrow relentless chugging forward can be stopped in its tracks. Time would be putty in the hands of these advanced intelligences. They could stop time, stretch it and make it their plaything. They may not age and they may be timeless.

To control gravity is to control the Universe at a level at this time we can only dream of. It brings sources of propulsion and energy that would appear as magic to us hairless apes.

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