The How and Why Anti-Intellectualism Is Killing UFOlogy!

Anti-Intellectualism In UFOlogy And Why It Is Killing It

There is an overall drive to anti-intellectualism that is infesting UFOlogy to its core. Our culture is one that glorifies the moronic and idiotic, not the intellect. What is truly disheartening is that it now appears intellectualism is now synonymous with Elitism and Conspiracy.

I point my finger directly at our failing educational system. It is designed to just make children memorize information. It is not designed to teach kids how to critically think or how to think at all. Schools make great automatons but not great creative thinkers. Public school is no place for a smart person.

In life, there are few big-picture questions we all must work through. Who am I?, Where do I come from? Where am I going? UFOlogy encompasses all of those concerns and more. The rational study of the Cosmos and our place in it should be near the top of the list of worthwhile pursuits.

For most people, it is NOT.

UFOlogy is slowing being poisoned from the inside out by the lunatic click bait crowd. Every day 1000’s of clearly fraudulent and hoaxed UFO images and videos flood the communities. Spread by the greed of financial gain these bottom feeders of UFOlogy are making all of us laughing stocks. UFOlogy will never gain the respect and ultimately the research dollars it needs while such rampant, childish, and dis-informational material is created every minute of every day and served up with a huge heaping bowl of “Screw You”.

UFOLogy is not yet in a terminal state but it sure could use a brain smoothie. It is in desperate need of a good infusion of vitamin Ra (rationality), Sa (sanity), and Ed (education). We all must stop supporting known fraudster and hoax websites and Youtube channels.

It all comes down to how a person values Science

An artist’s ability is innate in many cases. A scientists tool belt must be learned. Scientific methodology is not something we are born with. It must be taught to be understood.  The push for “no fail” states, lower educational standards, and general apathy has created entire generations of people who are barely scientifically literate.

True science and the appreciation of how such a self-correcting, peer reviewing, open architecture does not typically occur until you hit at least College level. A high school education will not typically cut it when you are wading into the ever advancing ocean of cutting-edge science.

Man’s mind is so formed that it is far more susceptible to falsehood than to truth. ~Desiderius Erasmus

A strange turn in our collective consciousness has occurred where the masses believe that their layperson perspective on science is somehow as valid and weighted as accredited professors would be. Even worse than that the professor’s opinion based on facts and all the tools science has to offer is completely nullified by a single word.

Professionals, Scientists, and Doctors all get lumped under the “Conspiracy” banner when they state their known scientific facts. Facts which more often than not, do not support the established beliefs of the UFO true believers. Scientists and doctors are the ones we should trust when considering scientific things. They have done the legwork to get a degree in their choice of the physical sciences. Their opinion in their field is worth more than the laypersons. That is just a logical deduction.

Anti-Intellectualism In UFOlogy And Why It Is Killing It

If you are someone that is a scientist, doctor, or researcher and you choose to speak out on some of the downright lunacy in UFOlogy. You are instantly labelled a government spy, disinformation agent, or a spook. You are condemned to be part of an evil cabal planning world domination by the subjugation of scientific advances. Sounds insane but a lot of people believe this. Scientists that state facts that is contrary to the lay person’s beliefs make them the proverbial enemy.  The people that do this are the ones educated by television. Television is entertainment, not education.

Truth in any form is rarely seen on TV

These people think their opinion is somehow on the same level as doctors. It is not when they are discussing the scientist’s field of study.

Anti-Intellectualism In UFOlogy And Why It Is Killing It

Reality is not best served by the false balance perspective we see all the time in the media. A professor that has researched say the Great Pyramids on the Giza Plateau, knows better than you what happened to make this wonder of the world. End of story.

There is no grand conspiracy in the sciences. It may appear that way to the TV educated people. If any scientist could prove ANY aspect of the “Ancient Alien” hypothesis, for example, they would become instant rock stars in their field. 

There is no motivation to suppress anything in academic circles. Grand discoveries are why scientists become scientists to start with. A breakthrough that would rewrite textbooks would be heralded, not spirited away in the depth of Area 51. Scientists are not the enemy, they are our only chance. After all, they are just like us in every way except they may have a denser neural network. All these evil scientists live and eat the same foods as us, have children like us, love them like us, and drink the same water as us. We all experience the same world in the same way. They are not the proverbial “Them”. They are us just with better jobs. They have no secret dark motives more than you do when it comes to subjugating the planet. 

It comes down to a simple question. Are you in it for the truth or just to be entertained.

If your sum total of knowledge on UFO’s comes from watching TV and Youtube videos. You can guarantee that you have been fed a huge bowl of bullshit. TV entertains that is all. You get much more outright lies and frauds than any factual data. Facebook is even worse for filling your head with excrement.  The source of the information your brain digests matters. Facebook posts from the lunatic fringe vastly outweigh any real research people may have done, at least when you ponder time spent. Your brain gets much more false information and not enough real information to balance it out. Take in 10lbs of shit and only drop 5lbs…you still stink.

A deception that elevates us is dearer than a host of low truths. ~ Marina Tsvetaeva

People really have to give their head a shake and realize this. It comes down to if you are looking for the truth in UFOlogy or are you looking to be entertained. Don’t confuse the two they are quite different. 

The real Universe as it will unfold before us as we trundle through the fourth dimension will be more wondrous and fascinating than any new age guru or television show could ever envision.

The Universe is stranger than we can comprehend. Reserve your belief and more importantly your knowledge for the real deal.

We have to contemplate the nature of a life form that has evolved on a completely separate planet. Even that statement is limiting. Life may be able to evolve on moons, nebula, or on planets that are bombarded with strange sources of radiation. They may exist and function on different time scales based on the gravity that they evolved in. Special relativity makes for very strange bedfellows. It is possible that they could be here already just beyond our perceptual ability. There truly are more things in heaven and earth than is dreamed in our collective philosophy.

Remember that it is OK to change your mind in the light of new or better information. UFOlogy is not a religion…no faith required. The real Universe will not disappoint.

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