Ancient Aliens : What Evidence Should Be Accepted

Many, many people believe the notion that our pale blue dot has been visited in our deep past. Over a few billion years of deep time, could it allow for several different independent explorers to find our celestial shores? If our spinning ball of supernova detritus has encountered another byproduct from a different spinning ball, that is huge. The biggest. There would be no more significant signs of a discovery.

What would a higher graded Kardashev scale civilization do here? What might it leave behind? What would they want to leave behind? Even if they wanted to leave a totem or monolith of some kind. What should we expect to find after countless natural disasters, the constant unrelenting resurfacing of the planet due to tectonic activity, hellish forces of volcanism over billions of years, and the destruction from the unknown darkness that keeps hurtling life sterilizing asteroid impacts our way?

You should expect to find nothing.

The reason is that there are likely 3 general categories of aliens, assuming their thought processes are somewhat similar to ours, and one when it is not.

  1. United Federation of Planets” type – these would be advanced enough in thinking to have developed something like Star Trek’s Prime Directive, so they would visit and know how to leave no trace.
  2. Exploitative type – these would be like the aliens in the movie Independence Day, and if they came by in the past, you would not be around now to ask this question.
  3. Benefactor type – these are the 2001 Space Odyssey aliens, wandering about giving defective species a helping hand. If their process was to help out and hang around, they would be among us now and they are not. Sure, sure, they could disguise themselves as lesser beings just to stay in touch, but how likely is it they would allow their individual selves to be put at risk being close enough to us to observe? After all, we are omnivores.
  4. Unknown and Unanticipated” type – This is a life form for which there is no earthly analogue. No way to be sure about anything. This type of alien is the MOST likely for us to encounter. Aliens are not going to be a mutated form of us. All bets are off on guessing motivations and intentions. Assuredly, any guess we might make would be woefully wrong.

What is proof? Items which could only have been produced by an alien technology or be of alien biology is the correct answer. Despite the claims of lunatics like Eric Von Daniken exactly none of the “amazing” finds on earth fall into this category. They are all produced of earthly materials by technological means known to ancient humans. Maybe not finding evidence is a sign of the fact that even if they visited there was no help as such and no trace of them has affected our lives. But, then again, the same can be said for a band of time-travelling Snuffleupagus.

We often forget that our ancestors were just as clever and inventive as we are. I love the silliness of the ideas behind the Nazca lines. Do we REALLY think that aliens, capable of crossing the gulfs of interstellar space, would need some lines scratched in the dirt to navigate on the planet? That they wouldn’t have the equivalent of GPS? That they would be burning some kind of propellant out one side and require “Run Ways” to land is silliness of the highest order.

Maybe their technology was so advanced that they could recycle whatever they ever produced and that is the reason why we are unable to find any. Or, maybe they visited very, very, long time ago. Over the Aeons of time, the earth’s tectonic plate movements caused the evidence to be buried so deep that we will never be able to reach it. Take the ocean floor, for example, most of it is unexplored. Or take 10 kilometres under the current ocean floor.

Some things that would constitute real proof:

  1. A map of the Kuiper belt, particularly if it had been discovered before 1990.
  2. An iridium alloy artefact, given that iridium is rare on Earth and plentiful in the asteroids.
  3. A lead/aluminium alloy artefact, given that such an alloy is impossible to make on Earth but possible in space.
  4. A map showing where Planet Nine is to be found, which is proven accurate by observations.
  5. Binary representations of information.
  6. Accurate depictions of unknown, but discoverable celestial objects.
  7. Anything that could not possibly be sourced locally. Hard to guess what that might be, but we will know when we see it.

These would give unmistakable evidence of extraterrestrial involvement.

The ancient astronaut theory is unproven because it is not a necessary thesis. It is not even a theory, but correctly it is at best a hypothesis. There is a big difference in form and function between the two. There is absolutely nothing to test in regards to the ancient alien hypothesis. So, it will most likely be forever stuck at the hypothesis level of organization.

Monuments and artefacts that allegedly prove the theory fail to prove it because there is always a terrestrial explanation for the same evidence.

The Nazca lines were allegedly created to help UFOs land. But there is a simple answer: people made these large images to be seen from above, in the mountains. In any case, human beings can and could make them without extraterrestrial help.

Some artistic images appear to be of saucer aliens, such as some Olmec statues and some Aboriginal paintings from Australia. But art is not in itself proof. Artists are not bound to be perfectly realistic.

Yes, this one looks like the traditional view of saucer aliens. But that could easily be a coincidence. And art is simply not proof.  We should not jump to the conclusion that there is extraterrestrial involvement when a terrestrial explanation is both possible and reasonable. So far William of Occam is always happy. I wait for the day when Occam will be taken for the fool and its blade dulled.

Given what we have, the best that we can say about the Ancient Alien hypothesis is “maybe.” But, there is no compelling reason to believe in the ancient astronauts beyond you really want to.

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