Are There Ancient Alien Structures On Our Moon?

Many, many people believe there are alien structures on the moon. I have investigated this in pop culture and from the NASA/JPL archives directly. What I find is chicanery in the pop culture version of lunar reality. Unless you live under a rock or don’t get the Discovery channel you may not know that dozens of alleged alien structures have been identified on the moon. If only that were true! Wouldn’t it be great if there were non-earth based structures on the moon? The only “alien” (to the moon) structures we know of are the one’s earth-based explorers and missions left behind to litter the surface of the once virgin moon.

There are conspiracy hypothesis aplenty who will fervently assure you that the evil government (or whoever) is withholding the photographic evidence that there are [or were] Aliens On The Moon—but claims are easy to make. Providing independent, verifiable evidence is not so easy in cases such as this.

What is more than apparent to me is that ALL the misidentifications of alien structures are caused by using low-resolution images from all the way back to the first lunar probes to image the moon’s surface; Luna 3 in 1959. These low-resolution images from the beginning of probe exploration of the moon are what the hoaxers, fraudsters, and just plain true believers use when they claim…ALIENS. These older images are not clear enough to make any definitive assumptions…really are not more than lunar Rorschach tests.

The new modern probes such as the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter has incredibly detailed cameras and has an online repository of images ( Funny isn’t it that NONE of these voluminous images has alleged alien bases on them. Go figure.

This situation is analogous to the fervour that the 1976 Viking Orbiter images of the Cydonia region on Mars wrought. Holy crap there is a giant face on Mars…and so it went on for 25 years. Face on Mars…Face on Mars… Until May 24, 2001, when new high-resolution images and 3D altimetry from NASA’s Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft reveal the Face on Mars for what it really is: a mesa. But after 25 years the whole issue morphed into a freaky type of religion. Even with new images in hand, and limited thoughts in the head, legions of people still think there is a giant human face on Mars.

Remember that the moon has zero atmosphere and is highly electrostatically charged. Imaging in this environment would and does yield ultra detailed images. No pesky atmosphere to get in the way and make things blurry.

If you are inclined to entertain the idea of alien structures on the moon and the images you are looking at are not ultra crisp…realize you are being lied to. If the image has some colour of highlighting to show you what they want you to are being led down the garden path. Realize that you are going on old information. Information that has not nearly enough detail to be authoritative. Another good reason to think someone is taking you for a fool is if they do not state what the image number is? What mission is it from? or the very least what region of the moon it is from. It is my guess that the fraudsters who are more than likely selling books or conference tickets don’t even know where the image is from. Since every square foot of the moon is now searchable online at high resolution the actual truth would be bad for book or ticket sales.

Yes… I am looking right at you DICK Hoagland.

But, with all that said there might be alien megastructures under the surface of the moon…We truly have not explored the subsurface moon and that might be the playground and workplace of voyeuristic aliens.

We have no data either to support or deny such a hypothesis … so let’s play along for gits and shiggles.

This doesn’t mean we should stop paying attention to all the images we receive from all our probes and flybys of all the amazing bodies in our solar system. It also doesn’t mean that, as pictured in the movie “2001,” there might not be structures buried beneath the moon’s surface. After all, science tells us “you can’t prove a negative.”

We have explored up close only a tiny portion of the moon with our human eyes. But, we have imaged the entire surface with highly specialized cameras. Nothing has ever been identified on the surface. There could be a great deal there under the surface that we can’t see from orbit, especially if the builders didn’t want others snooping around their gear. But they would likely shield their construction in any case under shells covered with meters of lunar material to protect it from natural forces that would tend to degrade it over time.

What would extra-terrestrial races place on our moon? I would say they might have built the equivalent of an interstellar truck stop for craft on long-distance trips, combined with a ‘duck blind” so they could keep an eye on the progress of our young civilization for scientific and treaty purposes.

Treaty purposes? Well yes, why not. We know now that virtually every star has a planetary system as a result of the physics of star formation, and that trillions of these planets surely fall within the “Goldilocks Zone” at which water is liquid. There may be an almost endless number of inhabited worlds, and the world like ours, with stable conditions for life and nearly helpless inhabitants (to beings advanced enough to transit the stars), would be very valuable.

Would a galaxy with many advanced races be governed by the law of the jungle? Not likely, since more aggressive races could easily send a ship to pepper a rival world with death and destruction. If there are more than several intelligent species within the range of Earth, then maybe there would be some kind of law, treaty, or pact governing the fate of juicy, habitable worlds like Earth. The gist of such a treaty would have to be “hands-off,” or we maybe would already have been colonized by powerful extra-terrestrials.

My gut feeling is that there are in fact lots of civilizations out there, and if so, then we are under their mutual protection while we develop. If this is the case, then there probably are alien structures on the moon. But if we discover a doorway leading into a lunar mountain or crater wall, we should be very, very polite in how we go about knocking.

I personally thrive on the possibilities – and those possibilities also drive many planetary scientists and astronomers to seek, collect and analyze data from the universe. Don’t think for a minute they aren’t just as eager to find extra-terrestrial evidence anywhere they can as we civilian truth seekers are.

There is no grand conspiracy in the sciences. It may appear that way to the TV educated conspiracy enthusiasts. If any scientist could prove ANY aspect of the “Ancient Alien” hypothesis, for example, they would become instant rock stars in their field.

There is NO motivation to suppress anything in academic circles. Grand discoveries are why scientists become scientists to start with. A breakthrough that would rewrite textbooks would be heralded, not spirited away in the depth of Area 51. Scientists are not the enemy, they are our only chance. After all, they are just like us in every way except they may have a denser neural network. All these evil scientists live and eat the same foods as us, have children like us, love them like us, and drink the same water as us. We all experience the same world in the same way. They are not the proverbial “Them”. They are us just with better jobs.

They have no secret dark motives more than you do when it comes to subjugating the planet.

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