Could Aliens Be Conscious Dark Matter? A Hypothetical Perspective.

In one of my musings on the nature of reality and the little indent we inhabit, an idea thunderstruck me. Do particles have free will? This led my thinking down an unexplored avenue. I have always been a proponent of the idea that life in the Universe will not be a mutated form humanoid humanity, but vastly stranger and more bizarre than we can imagine.  What follows is the strangest so far.

If you flip a coin a million times and find you have almost exactly 50% heads, does it seem as though the coin has free will? Was there a hidden pattern in the distribution of heads and tails? On the other hand, there is a large chunk of physics missing from quantum mechanics. It’s the bit that connects observations at the ordinary scale to observations at the sub-microscopic scale. So if free will is hiding, there’s a good place for it to hide. We simply don’t really know what goes on to connect our ordinary observations to the world of the quantum; we can only begin to vaguely guess.

Empirically you can’t prove particles don’t have free will. According to quantum physics, much of their behaviour is completely unpredictable (e.g. the exact moment when a radioactive atom will decay), and that is indistinguishable from free will.

But can the concept of free will be extended in a manner unheard of ever before? Unfathomable Life… Until now!

In the GUT Epoch, which started at about 10−43 seconds after the Big Bang.  The 11-dimensional strings (of which elementary particles are supposedly made) had enough readily available energy to form extremely long, extremely complicated “knots” that had enough degrees of freedom for complexity to arise, leading to the emergence of self-replicating patterns, a.k.a. “life”. Some of those living strings discovered a topological configuration that made them immune to breaking down into the smaller, lighter strings that make up all atomic particles. A form of subatomic stability unknown to us at this time. They would become effectively immortal. On this level, time and causality are completely meaningless.

A byproduct of their immunity to breaking down into the smaller strings is that they have no interactions other than gravity… Sound familiar?

Maybe! All the “Dark Matter” making up 5/6 of the mass in the universe could be ALIVE. It is also ubiquitous. I call it the Quipu, in deference to the Inca tradition of storing information as knots in strings.

One Quipu can’t-do much besides observe and think, but they would think extraordinarily fast (compared to us) and they can congregate in entangled groups to perform quantum computer like calculations, so they could be excellent historians and advisors.

If you want to get all spiritual, the Quipu is a natural physics explanation for Animism.  So the question of whether such living, thinking superparticles have free will becomes considerably more than academic.

This intelligence will and is not anything we have considered in the past. It fits many aspects of the Paranormal. The collective unconscious finally has a semi-plausible-ish explanation. In UFOlogy over the centuries, many cases have had UFO reported that appeared to be only slightly significantly more advanced than the current technology of the time.  Airships of the 1900’s for example.  Almost like something is feeding us just what we want and can fathom at the time.

This intelligence could be a coordinator, truant officer, and toll taker for all life in the Universe. We would hold no special position of meaning to it. Just one out of quintillions of life forms. No exaltation. Just our rightful place in the vast pantheon on conscious minds in the Universe.

I, of course, do not know if any of this is true or not. Just a line of thinking that I have not encountered before. I can visualize the strings and knots through the filters of my mind’s eye. This whole idea will assuredly seem insane to some and fascinating to others. Both reactions are OK.

In UFOlogy we must not become complacent with just sharing youtube videos and the same old information all the time. We must have new ideas to drive us forward. We know almost nothing about the Universe.  We must have new ideas and concepts.  Otherwise, we will stagnate, and miss the point.

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