If Aliens Have Been Coming To Earth For A Long Time, How Might They Feel About Humans?

They would be so different from ourselves that anything resembling an “attitude” can’t really be described.  They could have such a different perspective that we might not even be perceived by them in the same way that we perceive things. I think this is the most likely situation, and we would simply be disregarded by them.

Imagine that alien spaceships from five different parts of the galaxy all pull up to Earth at the same time.

Upon investigation, the first one states over the radio to the others that it appears to be a bacteria planet due to the ubiquity of these unicellular life forms. The second disagrees, stating that it appears to be a plant planet because plants are the producers in the ecosystem. The third disagrees with both, stating that it appears to be a fungi planet because eventually all organisms succumb and are consumed by fungi. The fourth in turn states that Earth appears to be an insect planet because of the large species diversity. Finally, the fifth alien ship speaks up and says: “We think Earth is a human planet.”

The radio erupts with laughter and all the ships fly away in different directions.

If aliens have been coming to Earth for a long time, I think we can assume that they possess a few qualities that we can be certain of. For one, they would be curious: what are these humans like? How are they changing? How do they compare to our own society? Also, considering that they haven’t revealed themselves to us for all this time, I think they also respect our boundaries, basically, “We want to watch these humans develop naturally, so we’re not going to interfere”. Further, considering their technology must be astronomically better than ours, they also do not seem militant; otherwise, why would they wait for humanity to develop increasingly potent weapons or better medical care? Notwithstanding the “Oh, the humans will kill themselves over time” argument, because that’s just not true. We’ve been breeding like rabbits for most of our history.

Finally, considering that they’ve come for a while, I think they would understand us fairly well. Of course, “fairly well” being subjective, much like how humans understand dogs or cats; they might make lots of assumptions about our behavior based on their own behaviors, and those assumptions may or may not be true. Aha, humans embrace others in order to show dominance over tribe-mates, like we do!

Of course, this is all assuming that their level of intelligence is similar to our own. If it is, they may be comparing us to their own development, like how a modern day historian compares today to two or three hundred years ago.

But the much more likely scenario is that they will not be like us in either form or function. Our intelligence’s will not be similar at all. Most assuredly their internal thoughts and representations will lead them to conclusions in which our primitive brains could not comprehend.

In the highly unlikely event that they could correctly assess our intentions, motivations, and socioeconomic situation their opinion of us may not be very good.  If they have the utmost ethical and moral values, then observing how our world is contained with greed, corruption and our inability to overcome poverty and hunger, which in reality is not the result of lack of resources, but the unequal distribution of wealth among, then possibly they will feel much despise and contempt for us. Humanity could be the stuff of intergalactic fear. Stories of humans in the Cosmos could be like being warned of the boogeymen, to keep their little ones in line.

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