If Alien beings are Living on Earth, Why Haven’t They Announced Their Presence?

Many people in UFOlogy believe that aliens live amongst us. They could be your neighbor, spouse, paperboy, or coworker. You just know that your boss and sixth-grade teacher must have been an alien. No human could ever have that bad of breath. If they can pass for human are they humans? Are they hybrids an exotic mixture of off-world DNA and ours? Are they wearing holo-suits or some such advanced mirage designed to look like us? Or are they us? Are they homegrown humans just tweaked a bit. Are we their spacesuits? Does the vast size of the Universe preclude it being done any other way? All good questions.

If they are here why are they here? Is there an agenda that we do not know? Are they refugees from a planet even worse than our own? Are there many planet Earth’s that have been seeded from ours. If one of those other world humans comes home are they an alien, or a repatriated Earthican? Has disaster recovery plans were put in place to preserve the treasure trove of life on this pale blue dot.

There are many possibilities that could be entertained, which most people don’t seem to think about:

1) Aliens may not want to impinge upon the will, rights, or direction of this particular planet.

2) They could just be observing from a distance.

3) They might not want to alter Earth’s timeline (past, present or future).

4) They might be waiting for the “right” time they feel we are ready to be engaged.

5) They could be here to do experiments or to control the direction of our timeline (discreetly).

6) They are only here to watch over and/or to protect us.

7) They may not be able to survive for extended periods on the surface of this planet, and further, they may feel vulnerable in that regard.

8) They may not want to introduce new diseases to our immune systems, or vice versa to theirs.

9) There could be multiple races of aliens competing against each other for different reasons.

10) They may have tried in the past with but unintended or undesired results.

When conducting observational studies on less advanced life forms, it is of the utmost importance to not interfere and leave no trace in order to collect the most accurate data on specimens. For the visiting researcher to announce themselves would be to alter the behavior of the studied subject, thus rendering any collected data to be corrupted, would it not? That pesky observer effect.

Consider Ms. Dian Fossey’s groundbreaking investigations of primates. Dian Fossey was an American zoologist, primatologist, an anthropologist who undertook an extensive study of mountain gorilla groups over a period of 18 years. Her careful embedment after intense ‘stay away’ alarms and aggressive actions from the primitive gorillas is relative here. Note that ‘aggressiveness’ to strangers is a major trait of most apes, and is especially a factor to be kept in mind about humans by visiting extraterrestrials because we are weaponized beyond stones and sticks. But once embedded, Ms. Fossey was able to even sit down in their midst and take notes, etc.

We use animal camouflage that to us appear silly and blatantly crude but many animals are OK with it and we are able to study them up close.  I expect the same would happen from any extraterrestrials studying us.  One might expect the camouflage issue to be a simple challenge as we as a species have lost so many of our ‘survival instincts and senses’.

What we humans have retained is an ability to selectively profile – so an ET with human exterior and basic movements would not be easily noticed.

I think it’s possible that aliens are among us because a number of alleged “abductees” have reported perceiving aliens who look like us. The most credible abductee, in my opinion, is Travis Walton, who was abducted on November 5, 1975. What makes Walton’s abduction different from others is the number of witnesses who saw the UFO that took Walton. Namely, six co-workers (loggers), who saw a UFO emit a beam of light that knocked Walton unconscious. His six co-workers fled the scene, returned 15 minutes later, and Walton and the UFO were gone. Walton was returned five days later, naked on a highway in Arizona. While this may sound absurd or humorous, there are no reasons that six working-class guys with no interest in UFOs would invent such a story. The men received no financial remuneration for their story, and if fact, the experience caused them huge trouble. They were ridiculed for their claim, and some of them left their hometown to seek anonymity following the events in 1975. It is notable that all six guys, aside from Walton, have not changed their story since 1975. One of them claims that infamous UFO skeptic and debunker Philip J. Klass offered him 10,000 dollars to change his story and claim the whole thing was a gag. He refused to do so.

Unlike many other individuals who claim to have been abducted, Walton has witnesses who last see him lying unconscious on the ground below a UFO. Although Walton was missing for five days, he can only remember a relatively short time frame of his experience – just a few hours, and really, only one hour of full and complete mental clarity. While he saw three aliens that looked like the so-called “greys” people talk about, he saw two individuals, a man, and a woman, who looked totally human, and he thought they were human. He does not believe they were human, however, because they never spoke to him. Walton’s memories are “conscious” memories – he never underwent hypnosis to recall the events.

So, either some aliens look human, or we are the same species as aliens and were put here at some point, or aliens have the ability to appear human. We should not discount that possibility because many abductees have claimed that entities appear to them in forms that would not frighten them; people have claimed that entities appeared to them who look like Jesus, deceased relatives, fairies and in other forms.

I believe it is very much possible that aliens are among us. Temple University professor David Jacobs (I believe he is a historian) has done a lot of work with alleged abductees and has written a number of books on the subject. He learned how to do hypnosis and has “regressed” alleged abductees. He concludes, on the basis of hypnotic regressions with hundreds of alleged abductees, that aliens are living among us. Given that Professor Jacobs is a ration person, a professor with a Ph.D. who applies a rigorous methodology to his work, I believe we need to seriously consider these claims, as fantastic as they sound. Professor Jacobs openly states that witness testimony given under hypnosis is not a particularly strong form of evidence, but in his words, “We have a lot of it (evidence)”. Jacobs also notes that many alleged abductees claim to have seen human-looking entities.

Let’s assume for a moment that aliens are among us, why would they not reveal themselves? We can only speculate. First, there is the question of method. How should they reveal themselves and to whom? They may be observing us and based on their observation, they may have concluded that civilizations divided into units called nation-states, each of which has its own leaders. If they are observing us, then they understand that our leaders are motivated not by wisdom – they do not have humanity’s best interest in mind, but serve the interests of economic elites. That is how our political system functions, in general. And I mean all countries on Earth.

They may understand that revealing themselves to us would constitute a profound shock. Our civilization is at an extremely early point of development. We have discovered more advanced technology only in the last 150 years or so – electricity etc.. and our technology is certainly very primitive. They may understand that for a civilization that is not aware of any other civilization, becoming aware of other intelligent life in the universe would come as a cultural paradigm shift. Nothing would ever be the same. That kind of revelation can be profoundly disruptive. They may, in fact, be revealing themselves slowly, to lessen the shock.

There is a third possibility, which is less pleasant and which is actually advocated by Professor David Jacobs – that aliens have a secret agenda, and that agenda may not be to our benefit. That is a scary thought. One might ask, would that agenda possibly be? This possibility might also explain why the US government is so adamant about keeping a lid on the subject – authorities may know something that we don’t, and when I saw “authorities” – I don’t mean the president of the United States, but some small group of people deep within the intelligence apparatus.

It is interesting to note that despite the large number of credible witnesses who have seen UFOs, or actually interacted with alien entities – despite the fact that some of those events have been witnessed by dozens of people, sometimes by several, or sometimes a few – and despite the fact that some of those witnesses are extremely credible (military officials, pilots, and otherwise sane people) the official opinion of authorities who define our worldview (government, academia, and media) is that no evidence of alien life exists. We are, according to the “official” view, still looking for evidence of alien life. At the same time, we have been inundated with countless reports of extraterrestrial sightings. Clearly, there is a huge gap between evidence and the claims of authorities.

I find it depressing that the vast majority of humanity forms its opinions based on nothing more than the opinions of “authority figures”. People believe whatever a man in a suit and tie on television tells them to believe. No matter how much evidence exists to support the view that “we are not alone”, people will not believe in the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence until someone announces it on television.

We must realize it is our differences which make us amazing, that each one of us has the right to all that should be available to every one of us, that we need to start educating everyone with facts and not our moronic superstitions, that we need to share our resources and help heal our planet, that we have to change our path from the ruinous and self-absorbed direction we are taking, that none of us is born with prejudice but each of us is born with a gift to help improve our planet’s well being, That we see each other as our best friends, that our little blue planet is a gift to cherish and enjoy its amazing beauty. When we have matured as the planets human population and can value ourselves as helpers rather than takers, then we might be ready for us to introduce ourselves, and share with you undreamt-of technologies and approaches to life and living that would further advance our civilization to the point where we might be acceptable to the other populations in the area of space closest to us.

We are nowhere near that lofty high water mark yet. There is a good chance that we will never attain it and that is why we have not received an official invitation to all life on Earth to join the galactic pantheon of intelligences.

Someday the sheep will be separated from the wolves, and then you will know their name and see their many faces.

Beware the thief in the night, it’s a Human.

Remember the Universe has no obligation to make sense to YOU.

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